Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Book of Mormon?

Please follow this link to learn more about the Book of Mormon: mormon.org/beliefs/book-of-mormon

When will new content be released?

We are a small team that has full time jobs, children, and college to attend. Because of this it currently takes us about 6 months of work to release a new Volume of content. Our greatest desire is to spend all of our time developing this app and building new content. Unfortunately we cannot do this until we receive enough support from the community. We ask you to please tell everyone you know about this app, and purchase content to support us. The more support we receive, the more time we can spend developing new content more quickly.

I have already purchased content, how do I get it back?

Any content purchased will be linked to your Google gmail account or Apple ID account and can only be restored to a device using that same account. To restore purchased content, open the settings area of the app and select “Restore Purchased Content”. Then wait about 30 seconds and you should have message(s) appear telling you that the content was restored.

Who are you guys?

We are three brothers that love to create original content for others to enjoy. Marc, Nate, and Mike Call. Using each of our skills and talents we are able to create quality and worthwhile content that we know you’ll love.

Why did you make this app?

Growing up we often watched the animated stories from The Book of Mormon. This was a great way for us as children to learn lessons and stories from The Book of Mormon in a fun way. We believe that electronic devices are the next step in creating learning experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. We want children to learn and enjoy the stories from The Book of Mormon in a fresh and new way.

What languages are supported

We currently support English and Spanish. English includes voice narration while Spanish currently does not.  Portuguese, French, and German are currently in the works.

What android device permissions are used by this app, and why are they needed?

Full network access – The app checks for new content or news notifications so the user will always have access to the latest content. Content for Volume 2 and future content needs to be downloaded inside of the app. We do NOT collect any kind of personal information whatsoever.

Modify or delete the contents of your SD card – Volume 2 and future content for the app is downloaded inside of the app. We give you the option to delete content that you have downloaded if you would like to free space on your device. We do NOT and cannot modify any of your personal files on your device.

Google play billing service – This app allows users to purchase additional content if desired.

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